Adobe Analytics + Adobe Sensei: Democratizing data science for ALL adobe-analytics-adobe-sensei-democratizing-data-science-for-all

Learn how Adobe Sensei machine learning and AI technologies in Adobe Analytics can help business users keep up with their data, and make use of it practically, when and where it really matters.

For organizations to stay relevant they have to stay on top of the mountains of data that are being generated today by consumers. Adobe collects trillions of transactions from our customers on an annual basis and we’ve been able to see the trends that have been impacting the market today. It’s been incumbent upon us to be able to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning within Adobe analytics to help the analyst and the marketers discover the meaningful insights about their customers. Adobe Sensei is our artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. So within Adobe analytics, what Adobe Sensei does, is it helps organizations sift through all the mountains of data to find the things that are really meaningful and relevant. Adobe Sensei democratizes data science that’s accessible to not just the advanced user but the novice user as well. With Adobe Sensei, we understand the WHAT, something meaningful’s happened. It also helps us understand the WHY, what contributed to it and then it helps us understand what to do about it. For example, we have a technology retail company who utilized Adobe Sensei to discover something meaningful in their data. The issue was being caused by a specific browser bug. They were able to then fix that bug in a very short time frame that resulted in a 1.2 million dollar daily lift. That’s really the power that Adobe Sensei provides to Adobe analytics. Without utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, it’s going to be impossible for organizations to continue to compete and capture the hearts and minds of their customers.