Create basic recorded training sessions & short videos

WHAT: Create some simple and short training videos that cover a range of basic and advanced topics, so as new users are ramping up with the tool, you aren’t delivering the same content via a meeting every time.

WHY: This saves time for the AA Admin and takes away the dependency on one person being responsible for training others, and also allows new users to self-enable at their own pace.

HOW: Choose the most relevant topics for your org and business users and take some time to record your bite-sized training videos. Here are some suggestions from basic to advanced topics:

  • How to track campaigns
  • How to understand page performance
  • How to create visualizations in Workspace
  • All about segments and calculated metrics
  • Top 5 tips in Adobe Analytics (ex: how to create drop-downs)
  • How to use Attribution IQ

You can then easily point users to these instead of writing lengthy emails or having yet another meeting. For more tips and tricks on training users, check out Adobe Champion Thomas Edward Buckley’s article all about simplifying and spending less time training users.

In addition, there is a plethora (yes, a plethora) of video tutorials on Adobe Experience League, as well as free courses. If you need a video that is specific to your company’s data and business KPIs, then by all means, record your own videos. But if a general instructional video will suffice, there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel.


This document was co-written by:

Christel Guidon

Christel Guidon, Digital Analytics Platform Manager at NortonLifeLock
Adobe Analytics Champion

Rachel Fenwick

Rachel Fenwick, Senior Consultant at Adobe