Using Drop-Down Filters in Analysis Workspace

In this video you will learn how to use drop-down filters in Analysis Workspace to dynamically change the contents of a panel.

The panel drop zone now has drop-down filtering capabilities. Drop-down filters enable analysts & end users to interact with the data through controlled filters. You can create a drop-down filter from any component type, and then switch between items in the drop-down to filter the panel contents. You can also add multiple drop-downs to a single panel for added control.

Drop-downs are a helpful way for consolidating projects & panels as well. For example, if you have several versions of a project that provides country-specific reporting, you can now collapse those projects into a single project, and add in a country drop-down that users can toggle between.

For more information, visit the documentation.


This video is part of a course Filtering your data with custom segmentation and dates, available for free on Experience League!

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