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The following updates were made to the Customer Journey Analytics documentation since its inception.


Feature Description
October 2023
Using derived field for setting goals / targets Added use case article illustrating how to use derived fields for setting goals / targets and reporting on these.
Export full tables to the cloud Added documentation about exporting full tables with millions of Workspace rows to cloud destinations.

Exporting full tables offers one-time or scheduled delivery of data tables designed within Workspace with support for up to five breakdowns, five metrics, filters, and calculated metrics, all in a concatenated table. It is the evolution of Data Warehouse reports in Adobe Analytics, with many new, often-requested features that are not available in Data Warehouse today.

For more information, see Export Customer Journey Analytics reports to the cloud.

Reporting Activity Manager Added documentation for the Reporting Activity Manager.

The Reporting Activity Manager lets you see the reporting capacity for each connection in your organization. It provides administrators with detailed visibility into reporting consumption in order to easily diagnose and fix capacity issues during peak reporting times.

The following new articles were added:

New columns on management pages Documented new columns that are now available in the Calculated metrics manager and the Filters manager.
Comparison with Adobe Analytics Added an overview page as an introduction on comparing and understanding the differences between Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
Additional derived fields functionality Updated documentation for the new Lookup function.
September 2023
Updated structure of articles for the Media Playback Time Spent panel Removed the folder called Media Playback Time Spent, and combined the contents of the folder into a single article: Media Playback Time Spent panel.

This change is more in line with the documentation for other panels.

Additional derived fields functionality Updated documentation for the new Lowercase and Trim functions and for the additional CSV capabilities added to the Classify function.
Regional data collection Updated FAQ with information on regional data collection when using Customer Journey Analytics.
August 2023
Media Playback Time Spent panel Updated content for Media Playback Time Spent panel to improve readability.
Report Builder enhancements Updated content for Schedule workbooks to provide information for downloading scheduled tasks. Updated content for Create a data block to provide information for using Start date as a dimension.
Moved content about managing scheduled projects Created a new article in the Analytics Components Guide called Scheduled projects. This content was previously located in the Schedule projects article in the Analytics Tools Guide.
Adobe Customer Journey Analytics feature support Added more information in the Supported in a new way table on the sessionization capabilities in Customer Journey Analytics compared to Adobe Analytics. Learn more
Evolution from Adobe Analytics Updated the (Re-)Configure Marketing Channels section with a reference to the Derived fields Marketing channels function template. Learn more
Data ingestion quick start guides for mobile applications and other platforms Added additional data ingestion quick start guides outlining how to ingest and use data from mobile applications or other platforms (like desktop applications, games on consoles, applications on set-top boxes and IoT devices) in Customer Journey Analytics. Learn more
July 2023
Session settings Added a topic for this data view setting. Learn more
Adobe Product Analytics Adobe Product Analytics is a new way to interact with cross-channel data and insights in Customer Journey Analytics. These new capabilities enable Product teams to self-serve data and insights about their product experience through guided analysis workflows​.
Derived fields A derived field allows you to define (often complex) data manipulations on the fly, through a customizable rule builder.
Expanded lookup support for Profile and Lookup data Provides the ability to add datasets as lookups of fields within Profile or Lookup datasets. Previously, only Event datasets were supported. Learn more
Report Builder enhancements
Experience Edge geo lookups Adobe Experience Edge is adding a geo lookup service that provides unified geographic data to all Experience Edge users.
June 2023
Cross-channel analysis and stitching In anticipation of the upcoming changes to enable stitching and to further clarify how cross-channel analysis can be elevated using stitching, documentation related to Cross-Channel Analytics functionality is edited to refer to cross-channel analysis as the Customer Journey Analytics capability and use case, and Stitching as an important functionality to accomplish this.
PowerBI & Tableau access to Customer Journey Analytics data views The Customer Journey Analytics SQL Connector enables SQL access to data views that you have defined in Customer Journey Analytics. Learn more
Adobe Journey Optimizer data views Customer Journey Analytics Admins have access to some extra data views in Customer Journey Analytics, entitled “AJO Data view (Sandbox-name)”. Learn more.
Currency conversion Updated documentation for currency conversion support.
Calculated metrics updates The following updates were made to calculated metrics documentation in order to align it with current Customer Journey Analytics functionality:
  • Updated the list of default calculated metrics available in Customer Journey Analytics
  • Updated screen shots and procedures in various calculated metrics articles
May 2023
Deep Linking (Mobile App) documentation Allows users to send links to scorecards that will lead them directly to the scorecard project in the app. Learn more
Doc on “Select data view from cell” in Report Builder This feature allows users to select the data view for a data block from a cell. Learn more
Documentation for updated Home screen for the Analytics dashboards app (Mobile App) The new updated Home screen allows you to view all of your scorecards in one consolidated scorecard list. Learn more
Optimization update Updated article on Optimizing Customer Journey Analytics performance
Analysis Workspace overview Updated Analysis Workspace overview to include more general overview information and links to relevant content.
Create projects Created a new article that explains in detail how to Create projects in Analysis Workspace.
Sort components in the left rail Added information about sorting the list of components in the left rail.See the “Search, filter, and sort the component list” section in Components overview.
Delete rows containing dynamic dimensions from a Freeform table Added information about how to quickly delete specific rows that contain dynamic dimensions using the x icon. See the “Quickly exclude specific rows from a table” section in Filter and sort tables.
Button to add a visualization within a panel Added information about a new button at the bottom of each panel in Analysis Workspace that allows you to quickly add a visualization. See the “Add visualizations to a panel” section in Visualizations overview.
Intelligent captions documentation Enrich storytelling for users with natural-language summaries of a Line visualization.
Derived fields Added documentation for derived fields functionality.
April 2023
Video about using filters as dimensions Updated the video about using filters as dimension.

This video is linked from the Create filters page.

Following is a direct link to the video: Use filters as dimensions in Analysis Workspace.

Filter documentation Added article about using the Filter builder.

Streamlined documentation in Create filters and Filters overview.

Update to Experimentation panel documentation Added a section on interpreting non-randomized dimensions.
Project filters (Ad hoc and quick filters) Streamlined documentation about project filters and removed duplicated information. The steps for creating ad hoc filters are now combined with the steps for creating quick filters.
March 2023
Integrate Decision Management data Added content explaining how to integrate Adobe Journey Optimizer Decision Management data in Customer Journey Analytics.
Create data stories in mobile scorecards A data story is a collection of supporting data points, business context, and related metrics built around a central theme or metric.
Updated feature support Updated Customer Journey Analytics feature support with a table of features available in Customer Journey Analytics but not available or supported in AA.
Default calculated metrics Added content explaining the default calculated metrics provided by Adobe.
Data Dictionary

Added new documentation for the Data Dictionary, including an Overview, Viewing, Editing, and Monitoring the Data Dictionary.

Information in Adding component descriptions was updated to account for Data Dictionary functionality.

Link sharing for projects (no login required)

Updated existing documentation to explain how to share a read-only link of a project with people who do not have access to Analysis Workspace.

Updated user documentation includes Share projects and Create shareable links.

Options for administrators were added to Preferences.

February 2023
Compare Customer Journey Analytics to BI solutions New document on a comparison of Customer Journey Analytics to typical BI solutions.
Update to Audiences documentation New section on latency considerations.
Update to Audiences documentation After you have created an audience, Adobe creates an Experience Platform streaming segment for each new Customer Journey Analytics Audience.
Workspace calendars and date ranges Updated content to describe relative date ranges, formula calculation updates, and calendar UI changes. See About relative panel date ranges.
Mobile scorecards New documentation section to describe how to show and hide comparison date ranges. See Show comparison date ranges in Customer Journey Analytics.
January 2023
Filter and sort tables Updated content (including adding procedures and explaining available options) in the Filter and sort tables article. Renamed this article from “Pagination, filtering and sorting tables.”
Data ingestion quick start guides New documentation section on how to ingest and use data in Customer Journey Analytics.
Workspace Folders Dedicated pages for Folders management.
Workspace User preferences Many additional user preferences are now available in Preferences.
Auto-save for Workspace projects Updated content to include auto-save functionality in Save projects.
Landing page New landing page updates landing page.
Schedule Workbooks Dedicated page to describe how to Schedule Workbooks in Report Builder.
Object array support for profile and lookup datasets Updated Use arrays of objects and Ingest Adobe Experience Platform audiences to reflect object array support for profile and lookup datasets.


Date Update description
December 2022
December 16, 2022 New topic on measuring and managing your Customer Journey Analytics data usage.
October 2022
October 2022 New topic on password protection of scheduled projects. This feature is in support of HIPAA readiness.
October 2022 New topic on Customer Managed Keys. This feature is in support of HIPAA readiness.
October 2022 New topic on Customer Journey Analytics Audit Log.
October 2022 New topic on Key metric summary visualization.
October 2022 New section on date and date-time functionality in data views
October 2022 Mobile app: New topic on custom detail views.
October 2022 Updates to the Customer Journey Analytics feature support topic.
September 2022
September 2022 New use case on Migrating Google Analytics data to Customer Journey Analytics.
September 2022 New topic on Combo charts in Workspace.
September 2022 New topic on Experimentation panel in Workspace.
August 2022
August 2022 Adobe Experience Platform article on Cross-region support for Analytics source connector.
August 2022 Significantly updated article on Customer Journey Analytics access control.
August 2022 New article on Customer Journey Analytics support for Data Governance labels and policies.
August 2022 New article on Comparing terminology for Analytics data passed through the Analytics source connector.
August 2022 New documentation on Audience publishing to Real-time Customer Profile.
July 2022
July 2022 Media Playback Time Spent panel documentation.
July 2022 Media Concurrent Viewer panel documentation.
July 2022 First Session reporting documentation.
June 2022
June 2022 New article on AAID, ECID, AACUSTOMID and the Analytics source connector
June 2022 New article on Adobe Analytics processing rules, VISTA and classifications vs. Data Prep for the Analytics source connector.
June 2022 New article on virtual reporting environments and sandbox environments.
June 2022 New article on comparing data processing across Adobe Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics reporting features.
June 2022 New article on combining report suites with different schemas.
June 2022 New article on sharing annotations in Mobile scorecards.
June 2022 New article on Analytics Labs in Customer Journey Analytics.
June 2022 New section on support for numeric fields as lookup keys and lookup values.
June 2022 Updates to the Flow visualization workflow.
May 2022
May 2022 Significantly updated article on creating connections in Customer Journey Analytics.
May 2022 New article on how to manage data blocks in Customer Journey Analytics Report Builder.
May 2022 New article on ingesting Adobe Experience Platform audiences into Customer Journey Analytics.
April 2022
April 2022 Documentation on dimension substrings.
April 2022 New Customer Journey Analytics User Guide for Adobe Analytics users.
March 2022
March 2022 New Customer Journey Analytics Annotations API documentation.
March 2022 New documentation on Annotations in Workspace.
March 2022 Significantly updated content on estimating connection size.
February 2022
February 2022 A new guide aimed at Administrators who are moving from Adobe Analytics to Customer Journey Analytics: Adobe Analytics to Customer Journey Analytics evolution
January 2022
January 2022 New use case for Using binding dimensions and metrics in Customer Journey Analytics
January 2022 Added new feature documentation on binding dimensions and metrics and on new First Known and Last Known allocation settings
January 2022 New article on comparing your Adobe Analytics data to Analytics data in Customer Journey Analytics


Date Update description
November 2021
November 2021 Updated documentation for Records skipped on the Connections Details page.
October 2021
October 2021 Documentation for Report Builder in Customer Journey Analytics.
October 2021 Customer Journey Analytics Audit Log API documentation
October 2021 Documented Visualizations for Analytics dashboards
October 2021 Doc for rolling window for Connection data retention.
September 2021
September 2021 Metric deduplication doc
September 2021 Daylight Savings Time support in reporting
September 2021 Customer calendars documentation
September 2021 Boolean fields documentation
September 2021 Broke out the component settings in data views into individual files:
September 2021 New section on the implications of merging report suites in Customer Journey Analytics.
August 2021
August 2021 New section on the enhanced Connections experience in Customer Journey Analytics.
August 2021 New section on case sensitivity in Data View dimensions.
June 2021
June 2021 New documentation on previous project versions in Workspace.
April 2021
April 2021 New topic on persistence.
April 2021 New documentation on support for scheduled projects in Workspace.
April 2021 New topics on the enhanced Data Views experience.
April 2021 New topics on ingesting Google Analytics data and analyzing that data.
April 2021 Added topic on scheduled reports in Workspace.
April 2021 New topic on high-cardinality dimensions in Customer Journey Analytics.
March 2021
March 2021 Added topic on support for Analytics dashboards (mobile app).
March 2021 New topic on user preferences in Workspace.
February 2021
February 2021 New topic on using Marketing Channel dimensions in Adobe Experience Platform.
February 2021 Published the new Customer Journey Analytics API documentation.
January 2021
January 2021 New topic on adding standard lookups to your dataset.


Date Update description
November 13, 2020 New topics on Cross-Channel Analytics, which allows you to rekey a dataset’s person ID, and enables a seamless combination of multiple datasets.
November 13, 2020 A new use case on importing call center and web data was added.
November 10, 2020 Added a section on the implications of deleting data components to the FAQ.
November 2, 2020 Updates to the Customer Journey Analytics feature support page.
November 2020 Added content on removing backfill limitations for connections.
October 7, 2020 Added a topic on combined event datasets.
September 15, 2020 Added a topic on data ingestion.
September 2, 2020 Updated section on user permissions.
August 7, 2020 New topic on B2B use case - lookup dataset added.
July 2020 Added information on Identity Map option for Person ID.
July 2020 New topic on object arrays or ‘data hierarchies’ added.
April 14, 2020 Updates to the latest UI in the Create Connections topic.
February 27, 2020 Updates to the Customer Journey Analytics feature support
December 2019 First draft of Customer Journey Analytics documentation

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