About Adobe Advertising DSP

Adobe Advertising is the only independent ad platform that unifies and automates all media, data, audiences, and creative at scale. Deliver connected experiences across all advertising channels, including paid search, display, video, connected TV (CTV), audio, and native.

Adobe Advertising DSP (DSP) elevates advertisers’ media strategies through advanced first-party data segmentation and activation capabilities, premium and differentiated inventory, and an intuitive cross-channel management experience. Some of the key features include:

  • Optimization: Our new destination for campaign management, Campaign Home, gives you the advanced tools, sorting, and insights to optimize your campaigns faster than ever before. Additionally, forecasting and spend recommendations predict the strategies that are expected to perform well, not necessarily what is performing best right now, so you can optimize with data.

  • Cross-Device Solutions: The DSP integration with LiveRamp enables you to extend your audience to all of a consumer’s known devices, and to apply frequency caps and measure attribution across those devices.

  • Media Quality Suite: DSP takes a proactive approach to issues that may impact your brand and advertising investments. The DSP media quality suite is 100% transparent and takes a multi-faceted approach to ensure advertiser’s investments are protected. This includes brand safety, viewability, fraud protection, and Ads.Txt.

  • Integrations with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Experience Platform: Integrations with your existing Adobe products allow you to maximize your first-party data and put advertising on the same level as the rest of the business insights.

  • Premiere connected TV experience with Roku: Roku and DSP have a unique partnership that empowers you to activate your first-party and third-party data across the Roku inventory to efficiently reach audiences across the big screen, at scale. By leveraging the only platform with the ability to sync with Roku IDs, marketers can take advantage of deterministic 1:1 targeting with precision and accuracy, as well as access Roku inventory and unique measurement insights.