Overview of Setting up Programmatic Guaranteed Deals in Freewheel

Setting up programmatic guaranteed deals with publishers on Freewheel requires extra permissions and steps.

Work with your Adobe Account Team to ensure that your DSP account has the following permissions:
  • Permission to use the FreeWheel programmatic guaranteed workflow, which is required to submit an ad for a programmatic guaranteed deal to FreeWheel.

  • (If you work with UK publishers who require a Clearcast clock number with each ad) Permission to include clock numbers in your ads.


  1. Create an ad with the media type specified in the deal.

    For some UK publishers, you must include a Clearcast clock number with your ad.

  2. Accept the deal ID that you’ve already negotiated with a publisher on Freewheel using the Deal ID Inbox.

    After you accept the deal, follow the prompts to 1) select the ad to use for the deal and 2) create a programmatic guaranteed default placement to serve the ad.

  3. Submit the ad to Freewheel

    The ad must be submitted and approved before it runs.

  4. Check the ad submission status.