Submit an Ad for a Programmatic Guaranteed Deal to Freewheel

Accounts with the FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed permission only

Once you accept a programmatic guaranteed deal with a publisher on FreeWheel, including selecting an ad and creating the programmatic guaranteed default placement to use for the deal, you must submit the ad to Freewheel for approval.

Work with your Adobe Account Team to ensure that your DSP account has permission to use the FreeWheel programmatic guaranteed workflow.
  1. Copy the ad key for the ad used with the Freewheel deal:

    1. Click the name of the campaign.

    2. In the submenu, click Ads.

    3. Click > Edit next to the ad name.

    4. Once the ad settings open, copy the alphanumeric ad key in the URL that is displayed in the browser’s address bar.

      For example, in the following URL, the ad key is 3NtNC5ZbaGZtqbei8jD3

      code language-none
  2. Submit the ad to Freewheel:

    1. Do either of the following:

      • Next to the ad name, click > submit to FreeWheel.

      • In the main menu, click Inventory > Deals. In the deal row, click Options menu > submit to FreeWheel.

    2. Verify the deal ID, enter the Ad Key you copied in Step 1, and then click Submit.

    The ad must be submitted and approved before it runs.

  3. Check the ad submission status.