Simple Ad Serving Deal Settings

New Simple Ad Serving Deals

Select Ad Source

Serving Type
The media type for this deal: Video, Display, or Audio.
Publisher Site Served On
The name of the publisher that is selling this inventory. Search for a publisher by entering at least the first two characters in the name. To add a publisher that isn’t listed, contact your Adobe Account Team.
A single advertiser in the account who can access this deal. Also select the campaign and (optionally) the package in which the deal is available.
Media Quality Assessment?
(Some users) Enables the ad to run on another DSP for third-party verification.
Ad Source
The only option is Site Serve (Event Pixels).
Ad Creation

(New deals only) Whether to:

  • Create New: To create an ad for this deal.
  • Select Ads: To use an existing ad for this deal.
Ad Type
The ad type for this deal. If you’re going to create ads for the deal, include the ad size or duration, as requested. The available options vary by media type.

Select Ad(s)

(When you’re using existing ads) The ads to include in the deal. Select the check box next to each ad to include.

Select & Upload [Media Type]

(New ads only) Screens to create a new third-party ad.

Feed Details

Media CPM
The cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), as reflected in the rate card for your contract. Contact your Adobe Account Team for this value.

Specify also the currency for the deal. All users can select USD, or, if the SSP supports additional currencies, the currency for the DSP account.
Third Party Billed Fees
(Optional) A static third-party fee to be tracked as a non-billable cost, and the currency for the deal.

All users can select USD, or, if the SSP supports additional currencies, the currency for the DSP account. NOTE: Billable fees are reflected in the Net CPM metric.
Third Party Fee Description
(Optional) A description of the third-party fees.
Flight Dates
The start and end dates for traffic using this deal. The flight dates must be included within the campaign flight dates. The ad tags return a response only during the specified flight.

The best practice to create a separate simple ad serving campaign with a year-long duration and to build tracking pixels within it.
(Optional) The estimated number of impressions you expect to run using this deal. This value is used for tracking purposes only and to flag when delivery goals are met; the publisher controls actual ad delivery. The best practice is to enter a high number of impressions to keep the tag active within DSP so it can be renewed or extended if needed.
Deal Name
The deal name. Enter a name, or select Auto Generate Deal Name to let DSP generate a name based on the deal details.

Example of an auto-generated name: Campaign-desktop_video_preroll_15-24Kitchen-$10_USD-jdoe-SAS
Attached Ads
(Read-only) The ads that are part of the deal. To edit an ad, click the ad name. To remove an ad from the deal, click X next to the ad name.