Create Multiple Third-Party Ads

You can create up to 500 third-party ads at a time by uploading tags that point to creative assets hosted on third-party ad servers. You can include tracking pixels for the ads.

You can upload either DoubleClick and Flashtalking tag sheets or a manually-populated file using the provided template.

The best practice is to use third-party ads that are served securely using HTTPS. URLs served using HTTPS begin with “https.”
  1. In the main menu, click Campaigns.

  2. Click the name of the campaign in which the ad will be included.

  3. Above the data table, click Create. In the Ad Types section of the menu, click Bulk upload ads.

  4. Select the ad server on which the ad is hosted: DoubleClick, Flashtalking, or Other.

  5. (DoubleClick and Flashtalking ads) Select the tag type to use for each video asset and each display asset. The available options vary by ad server.

  6. (Ads on all ad servers except DoubleClick and Flashtalking) Click Download this template to download a template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) format, which you can populate with ad data and save locally. The required columns include Ad Name, VAST/VPAID URL or Ad Tag, and Ad Types.

  7. Click Upload and select a file in .xlsx or .xls formats from your device or network.

    For DoubleClick and Flashtalking ads, upload unedited tag sheets from the ad server. For other ad servers, use the template you downloaded in Step 3.

  8. After the upload is complete, click Start Building Ads.

  9. Review the details and status of each ad:

    1. (Universal video ads using Google or Flashtalking tags) Click the Ad Type field and select Universal Video.

    2. (Universal video ads) For each new ad, click edit , select the applicable video format, and then click Save.

    3. Review the status of each ad, which is based on validation checks on the uploaded tag.

    4. (Optional) Do any of the following for each ad:

      • To preview an ad, click play in the ad row.

      • To edit the ad details, click edit , edit the details, and then click Save.

      • To remove an ad, click X in the ad row.

  10. Click Create N Ad(s).

  11. Do one of the following:

    • Click Done.

    • (If an ad is rejected; optional) To edit the ad record and resubmit the ad for review:

      1. Click the ad name.

      2. Edit the ad settings.

      3. Click Save & submit for review.

Universal video ads can be attached only to universal video placements.