FAQs About Universal Video

Universal video ads allow you to target video inventory from desktop, mobile, and connected TV environments for VPAID and VAST inventory using a single video placement.

How do you create universal video placements and ads?

Universal video placements can contain only universal video ads, and universal video ads can be attached only to universal video placements.

Create universal video placements and ads similarly to how you create other types of placements and videos:

  1. Within the desired campaign, create a universal video placement, selecting the Placement Type Universal Video.

    You must specify at least one environment (Desktop, Mobile, Connected TV) to target.

  2. In the same campaign as the universal video placement, create a single universal video ad or create multiple universal video ads.

    If you create multiple ads, make sure to specify “Universal Video” as the Ad Type:

    • For Google or Flashtalking ads: In the “Review ad types” step after you upload the file, click the Ad Type field and select Universal Video.

    • For other types of ad tags: Within the spreadsheet file you upload, specify the Ad Type field for each ad as Universal Video.

  3. Open the ad settings for each new ad and select the applicable video format:

    • VPAID: Viewability is always measured.
    • VPAID & VAST (Default): Includes inventory that doesn’t allow viewability measurement.
    • VAST - Suitable for connected TV inventory.

    See “Universal Video Ad Settings” for more information.

  4. Attach the new universal video ads to the universal video placement.

Why are some optimization goals and packages unavailable when the Connected TV environment is selected for a universal video placement?

Goals that are incompatible with standard connected TV placements, such as Lowest Cost per Click, aren’t supported for the connected TV environment in universal video placements. Similarly, packages with incompatible optimization goals are also unavailable for selection.

When should the VAST video format be used for universal video ads?

Use VAST in either of the following scenarios:

  • The placement targets connected TV inventory.
  • The placement targets video inventory from Google Ad Manager, Appnexus, SpotX, or Freewheel. These SSPs don’t support the VPAID & VAST video format.

Is it possible to attach multiple universal video ads to the same universal video placement?