About Simple Ad Serving

Simple Ad Serving provides guaranteed, non-decisioned ad delivery and reporting for a specified publisher and a single ad type using a single, dedicated placement. Use Simple Ad Serving when your publisher can’t execute your deal via deal IDs. All targeting, budget pacing and capping, and frequency capping is handled by the publisher. Execute these deals via event-tracking pixels.

With Simple Ad Serving, each ad is served directly by the publisher (site serve), and DSP provides an event-tracking pixel to send to the publisher, who must implement the pixel and traffic the DSP ads. Depending on the inventory type, the event pixels measure impression, click-through, and video played events.

The following ad types are available:

  • desktop standard pre-roll
  • tablet and mobile standard pre-roll
  • connected TV standard pre-roll
  • display
  • audio

You can create a Simple Ad Serving deal in the Inventory > Deals view. DSP automatically generates a placement with the subtype “Simple ad serving” for the ad. The placement targets the deal but doesn’t allow additional targeting, budget, or frequency capping. You can edit only some of the deal settings, such as the deal name, CPM, impressions, and flight dates.

Simple Ad Serving placements don’t comply with the account’s usable funds or the campaign and package budgets. However, spend is tracked and counted toward those budgets. Even when the CPM is $0, event data is always tracked.