About On Demand Premium Inventory

Not available to users with the account types Ad Network, Publisher Audience Extension, and Other; advertisers with the category Other; and resellers

The On Demand Gallery is a premium inventory discovery tool to explore pre-negotiated deals that DSP has curated with premium publisher partners. It allows you to access non-guaranteed inventory from the top-tier publishers in-region without the need for 1:1 negotiations or contracts. You can request individual deals, and you can subscribe to a publisher to request all of the publisher’s deals at once.

The DSP premium marketplace allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily activate new inventory for improved scale and efficiency

    Studies have shown that activating private marketplace deals within DSP platforms saves time and is more efficient.

  • Explore new publishers and formats

  • Discover new audiences and strategies

  • Extend unique reach

  • Automatically access publishers not available in the open market

  • Automatically access live events (such as NBA, NFL, and NHL events)

  • Track performance with consolidated reporting

Once a deal is approved, it’s available as a target for existing placements and automatically included as a target for new placements that target all On Demand inventory. If a deal request is denied, you can work with your Adobe Account Team to resolve the issue and then re-request the deal.

The On Demand Views

At Inventory > On Demand, the most recent deals and publishers are available from a carousel at the top of the page.

Below the carousel, you can view all available deals and publishers. You can switch between the Subscription view, which shows all available publishers and allows you to quickly subscribe to all of the deals for a publisher, and the Deal view, which lists all available deals for each publisher. You can filter the views by multiple criteria, such as to include only publishers or deals you’ve requested or for which your requests were approved.

The details for each deal include data in the following columns:

  • TVB: Indicates when the publisher is a TV broadcaster
  • Tune: Indicates when the publisher accepts “tune-in” creatives (for example, "Tune in tonight at 9 pm for the new episode of <our show>)
  • LDA: (Legal drinking age) Indicates when the publisher has applied 21+ targeting and accepts alcohol ads
  • CPM: Indicates when the floor or fixed rate CPM for the deal is not visible until the advertiser has been granted access to the deal
  • Status: The status of your subscription request (when applicable)
  • Action: Any available actions you can take (such as Request or Re-request)