Re-Request On Demand Premium Inventory Deals

Not available to users with the account types Ad Network, Publisher Audience Extension, and Other; advertisers with the category Other; and resellers

You can re-request On Demand inventory deals for which you were denied, including deals from a publisher to which you’re subscribed. Follow these steps to make sure that all applicable account settings are correct before you submit a new request.

If a deal isn’t approved after you re-request it, contact your Adobe Account Team to see if the publisher has additional restrictions that prohibit your account from accessing the deal.

Once a deal is approved, it’s included by default as a target for new placements that target all On Demand inventory. The new deal is also available as a target for existing placements, but you must manually edit the placement settings to add the deal as a target.

  1. Confirm with your Adobe Account Team that the Account Type for your organization’s DSP account is correct.

  2. Confirm that the advertiser category for the applicable advertiser account is correct:

    1. In the main menu, click Settings > Advertisers.

    2. Hold the cursor over the advertiser row and click Edit.

    3. Check the selected Category.

      Advertisers categorized as “Other” aren’t eligible for On Demand inventory. If the category is “Other” and it should be something else, select the appropriate category.

  3. Re-request the inventory:

    1. In the main menu, click Inventory > On Demand.

    2. Filter the available deals to include deals that you’ve requested (Currently subscribed to)**.

    3. (Optional) Switch between the Subscription view, which shows the logos of all publishers based on your filters, and the Deal view, which lists all deals for each publisher based on your filters, by clicking Subscription view and Deal view, as needed.

    4. Re-request the individual deals:

    • From the Deal view, click Rerequest in the Action column for the relevant row.

    • From the Subscription view:

      1. Hold the cursor over the publisher logo, and then click See Deals.

      2. Click Rerequest in the Action column for the relevant row.