About Alert Subscriptions

You can create groups of automatic email alerts, called subscriptions, which send email notifications when specified account, campaign, ad, and private inventory deal parameters are met.

For example, you can receive an alert when a campaign has spent a specified amount of its budget. You can also receive an alert when a private inventory deal has received less than a specified win rate in the last N days.

You can add or remove alerts from a subscription, edit the users who receive email notifications for a subscription, disable and reenable alert subscriptions, and delete alert subscriptions.

If you’re not actively checking campaign reports, set up email reports as soon as possible after you launch a campaign.

Available Alerts

  • Account

    • Account Balance

    • Account Spend

    • New Campaign Created

  • Campaigns

    • No Campaign Spend

    • Campaign Spend

    • Campaign Spend % of Cap

    • No Campaign Impressions

    • Campaign eCPM

  • Ads

    • Ad Rejections
  • Feeds (Private Inventory Deals)

    • Feed Win Rate

    • Feed Bid Rate

    • No Feed Spend

    • No Feed Impressions

    • Guaranteed Feed with No Default Placements