Edit an Account-Level or Advertiser-Level Blocked Sites List

  1. In the main menu, click Settings > Sites.

  2. Select the list level: Account or Advertiser.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • (Optional) To paste or enter up to 10,000 values:

      1. Click Paste in Sites/Apps.

      2. In the input field, enter or paste one value per line, and then click Continue.

      3. (If any values are identified as invalid) Click the Paste in sites & apps tab, correct the values, and then click Continue.

      4. Click Finish.

    • (Optional) To delete one or more values, do any of the following:

      • To remove all values, click Clear all. In the confirmation message, click OK.

      • To remove one or more values, select the check box next to each, and then click Delete Checked.

      • To remove a single values, click X next to the value.

    • (Optional) To export the list to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in comma-separated values (CV) format, click Export.