About Package Management in Advertising DSP

Use packages to group placements for delivery to a set budget, performance goal, and custom pacing strategy. DSP optimizes packages by shifting budgets to the best-performing placements in the package. You can organize packages by placement format, inventory type, data provider, persona, or other distinguishable characteristics. Packages are optional.

You can create packages manually or by duplicating existing packages. You can also edit and attach placements to any package.

The Packages Dashboard

The Packages dashboard centralizes performance and economic reporting across all of your package strategies, providing quick snapshots of how your packages have performed during a specified date range.

Packages dashboard

The dashboard includes a high-level, customizable trend chart with three metrics.

It also shows pacing and delivery metrics by package, by default. You can optionally view performance metrics for the packages, and create custom column sets. You can download the entire data table to your browser’s default download folder as a report in XLSM (macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet) format.

You can further customize the content and delivery of package reporting via custom reports.

To see all of the placements within a package, and the flight dates for the package, click the package name.