Create a Simple Ad Serving Deal

  1. In the main menu, click Inventory > Deals.

  2. Above the data table, click Create, and then select Simple Ad Serving.

  3. Enter the deal settings:

    1. In the Select Ad Source section, specify information about the publisher, advertiser and campaign, and ad type, and then click Next.

    2. In the Select Ad(s) section, specify an ad to use as a proxy in DSP:

      1. Do either of the following:

        • For existing ads, select the ads to use.

        • For new ads, create a proxy third-party ad.

      note note
      DSP doesn’t serve the ads you specify. The publisher serves the ad.
      1. Click Next.
    3. In the Feed Details, edit the feed details, and then click Next.

      DSP automatically generates a placement, named “SAS Placement - <deal name>,” for the ad. In the placement, the deal is automatically targeted in the Inventory Targets section. All other targeting options are inapplicable.

  4. Send the event-tracking pixels to the publisher for implementation in either of the following ways:

    • (Optional) From the Activate Tag with Publisher screen, send the deal tag to the publisher.

      When you finish the previous steps, DSP generates an email message that you can send to the publisher. The message includes the deal details, a link from which to retrieve the deal tag, and an authorization code for the link.

      1. Review the deal details, and then do either of the following:

        • To paste the information into an email message in an email application on your device, click Email & Done and select the email application. The CC: field is prepopulated with an Adobe support address. You can then send the message to the appropriate contact for the publisher.

        • To copy the information to your clipboard, click Copy Email. You can then manually paste the contents into an email message and send it to the appropriate contact for the publisher. You must include a copy (CC:) to When you’re finished copying the message, click Email & Done.

      2. (If necessary) Follow up with the publisher to see if the tag includes the appropriate macros so that the tag works with the publisher’s ad server.

    • (Optional) Manually send the event-tracking pixels to the publisher:

      1. In the deal row within the Deals view, click Options menu > show pixel.

        The event pixels include a Clickthrough pixel and an Impression pixel. Video and audio ads also include event pixels by quartile completed (from 25% Complete to 100% Complete).

      2. Copy the event-tracking pixels and provide them to your publisher.