View the Placement Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic reports can help you diagnose issues with placement setup and pacing once a campaign is live.

Information in Placement Diagnostic Reports

  • Change Log: Shows changes to key placement settings, such as the name, status, and maximum bid. Each entry includes the date and username of the person who made the change.

  • Ad Approvals: Shows whether ads were approved or rejected by the inventory providers. You can optionally change the status of any ad (for example, pause a rejected ad) or open the ad settings.

  • Non Bids: Shows why DSP didn’t bid on the placement.

Open the Placement Diagnostic Reports

  1. Open the Diagnostics report:

    1. Open the placement settings:

      1. In the main menu, click Campaigns.

      2. Click the name of the campaign, and then click Placements.

      3. Next to the placement name, click > Edit.

    2. In the upper right, click Placement Diagnostics .

  2. Do any of the following:

    • To view the change log:

      1. Click Change Log.

      2. (Optional) Filter the report results:

        • In the date menu, change the report period from the default Last 14 Days to another period (Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 90 days, or Last 1 year).

        • In the left menu, filter the report by a specific username.

        • In the right menu, filter the report by a specific placement setting.

    • To view the status of ad approvals:

      1. In the upper right, click Ad Approvals.

      2. (Optional) To pause or activate the ad, click the status switch ( Status switch ) in the Ad column).

      3. (Optional) To open the settings for an ad, click View Ad next to the ad.

    • To see why DSP didn’t bid on the placement:

      1. In the upper right, click Non Bids.

      2. (Optional) To change the date range, click in the date field and select a different date or date range.