About Campaign Management in Advertising DSP

Campaigns are the overarching framework of flight settings. All campaign level settings automatically apply to each package and placement within the campaign. Each campaign is associated with a specific advertiser.

You can create campaigns manually or by duplicating existing campaigns. You can also edit existing campaigns.

The Campaigns Dashboard

The Campaigns dashboard centralizes performance and economic reporting across all of your campaigns, providing a quick snapshot of how your campaigns have performed during a specified date range.

Campaigns dashboard

By default, the dashboard shows pacing and delivery metrics by campaign. You can optionally view performance metrics for the campaigns, and create custom column sets. You can export either the entire data table, or download data for all placements in a single campaign, to your browser’s default download folder as a report in XLSM (macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet) format.

You can further customize the content and delivery of campaign reporting via custom reports.

To see all of the packages, placements, and ads within a campaign, click the campaign name.