Duplicate an Ad

You can duplicate an ad within the same campaign.

  1. In the main menu, click Campaigns.

  2. Click the name of the campaign.

  3. In the submenu, click Ads.

  4. Next to the ad name, click > Duplicate.

  5. Specify the new ad settings:

    1. (Optional) Change the default ad name. By default, the new ad is called “Copy of <original ad name>.”

    2. (Optional) Change the ad settings for audio ads, connected TV, display ads, mobile ads, native ads, pre-roll ads, or universal video ads.

  6. Click Save & Submit for Review.

    The ad review for the new ad takes 24-48 hours and includes checks for sensitive categories, click URL functionality, and preview rendering. The Status column indicates whether DSP has approved the ad. Broken ads may have a pending status for longer than 24-48 hours so you have time to fix errors before they’re rejected.

    note note
    Your ad can be served only if both DSP and the SSP have approved the creative. Each SSP has its own approval requirements and process.