View Auction Insights for a Private Deal

Auction Insights is a troubleshooting tool that allows you to analyze the deal composition of both guaranteed and non-guaranteed private deals. Using data visualizations, this tool shows the trend and relative proportions of values received for key auction attributes within a specific time period.

  1. In the main menu, click Inventory > Deals.

  2. In the deal row, click > Auction Insights.

Auction Insights are also available through the placement Inspector tool. To open them, open the placement Inspector to the Inventory tab, and then click > Auction Insights in the deal row.

Auction Attributes auction-attributes

Area charts are available for the following auction attributes:

  • Ad Type: The ad type requested in the auction (such as Display or Audio).

  • Browser: The browser from which the auction originated (such as Chrome or Firefox).

  • OS: The operating system (OS) from which the auction originated (such as Android or iOS).

  • Device Type: The device from which the auction originated (such as Mobile Phone or Desktop).

  • Ad Duration: The maximum ad duration requested in auction (such as 15s or 30s).

  • Secure: Denotes if the auction requires secure HTTPS URL creative asset. Values: Secure or Non-secure.

  • Mime Type: The ad creative MIME type requested in the auction (such as mp4 or mov).

auction insights

You can apply filters for specific attribute values to narrow down your results.