Manually Create Deal ID Details

  1. In the main menu, click Inventory > Deals.

  2. Above the data table, click Create, and then select Deal ID.

  3. Enter the deal settings:

    1. In the Deal ID basics section, specify the deal details and the advertisers who can access the deal. For guaranteed deals, you must also specify the planned flight dates and the estimated number of impressions, for tracking purposes only.

      You can track the pacing of guaranteed deals by including the “PG Impression Pacing” spend column in the Inventory > Deals view.

    2. (Administrator users only; optional) In the Technical section, edit the default settings as needed.

    3. Click Save.

  4. (Guaranteed deals only) Select the ads to use for the deal (or the 1x1 pixel for publisher-managed ads) and create a default programmatic guaranteed (PG) placement.

    Default PG placements ensure that your deal always returns a bid for each bid request. If you don’t create a default PG placement, then any placements that target the deal don’t place bids unless they’re set up correctly. You should always create a default PG placement. In the Placements view, default PG placements have a Sub-type column value of “PG Default.”

    You can optionally use the deal as an inventory target in additional placements but must set them up correctly to place bids.

    1. In the Ad & Campaign Selection settings, select the ads to use for the deal:

      1. Select the advertiser, campaign, and ad type. Optionally select an ad status by which to filter the ads.

      2. From the list of available ads, select the check box next to each ad to use for the deal.

        For each publisher-managed ad, a 1x1 tracking pixel is automatically applied after an advertiser and campaign are selected.

      3. Click Apply.

    2. In the placement settings screen:

      1. Enter the placement name.

      2. (Optional) Edit the placement settings, including overwriting the default bid, which is automatically populated with the CPM value from the deal; changing the date range; or attaching more ads.

      The deal is automatically targeted in the Inventory Targets section. All other targeting options are inapplicable.

      1. Click Create placement.

After you create the deal, you can use the deal as an inventory target for multiple placements.

You don’t need to send the deal tag to the publisher for verification.
  • In the Inventory > Deals view, the Pacing & Budget column shows how the deal is pacing to the specified flight date and impression goal.

  • If delivery is under- or over-pacing, contact your publisher to adjust how much volume it is sending through the deal.