About Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

A programmatic guaranteed (PG) deal is a guaranteed buy directly with a publisher via a deal ID (rather than via ad server tags). PG is more flexible for you and your publisher to manage, and it provides more transparency than regular tag buys. Billing and reporting are consolidated through DSP, which saves you time.

Features of a PG Deal

  • The deal is always billed through DSP.
  • The deal has a fixed price and quantity.
  • The publisher or supply side platform (SSP) handles all budget pacing, budget capping, and any targeting.
  • Typically, the deal has a higher priority in publisher’s ad server.
  • Bid requests aren’t exclusive to a single deal or buyer.
  • Multiple types of video are supported on a single deal ID.
  • Publisher-managed ads are accepted via Google Authorized Buyers SSP.
  • The SSPs and publishers have delivery SLAs.

PG deals require a PG default placement and ads (or a 1x1 pixel for publisher-managed ads) so DSP can return a request to each bid request and fulfill delivery SLAs with the SSPs. Once you set up the mandatory PG default placement, you can also target the PG deal in other placements.

SSPs Certified for PG Deals in DSP

  • Ambient Digital
  • FreeWheel
  • Google Authorized Buyers
  • Magnite CTV (formerly Telaria)
  • Magnite DV+ (formerly Rubicon)
  • OpenX
  • SpotX