Duplicate a Campaign

Duplicate a campaign to create a new campaign with similar settings. You can:

  • Duplicate the campaign for the original advertiser or for a different one
  • Optionally duplicate the original packages and placements
  • Modify the flight dates of the new campaign

See “What’s Not Duplicated” for a list of placement settings that aren’t duplicated.

  1. In the main menu, click Campaigns.

  2. Next to the campaign name, click > Duplicate.

  3. Specify the new campaign settings:

    1. Enter the new campaign name and the end flight date.

    2. (Optional) Change the default settings.

      By default, the new campaign is assigned to the original advertiser, has a flight schedule that begins on the current day, and includes the original packages and placements.

  4. Click Submit.

What’s Not Duplicated campaign-not-duplicated

All settings from the original placements are duplicated except:

  • Experiment settings

  • (If you change the flight dates) Custom ad scheduling

  • (If you don’t attach ads) Custom ad weighting and scheduling

  • Default placements for programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals and placements for Simple Ad Serving deals

  • (If you copy placements to a different campaign):

    • Geo targets
    • Event pixels
    • Ads
    • Placement-level DoubleVerify Authentic Brand Safety segments (which override the advertiser-level segments)