Advanced Measurement Solutions

Advertisers often struggle to understand where their best next media dollar should be spent, or to quantify the impact of their online advertisements. In a data-driven media landscape, attribution measurement provides a solution to this challenge. The Strategic Advertising Consulting team helps brand and agency partners measure how elements of their Adobe connections come to life through advertising. With robust attribution measurement offerings, the team helps deploy curated targeting strategies using a sophisticated measurement framework, making it easy for brands to connect their media decisions to real-world outcomes that drive their businesses. The team can help you to:

  • Activate measurement studies across full-funnel digital media campaigns

  • Uplevel your campaign storytelling with packaged reporting solutions

  • Evolve your advertising practice by learning and improving campaign effectiveness over time

Solution Packages

The following measurement solution packages are available to validate the success of your ad campaigns:

  • Household-Based Reach, Frequency, and Conversions

    Understand the total campaign reach at a household level, as well as the contribution of the individual screens. Reporting options include:

    • Cross-ID Household Reach, Frequency, & Conversion (Cookieless)

    • Average Time to Conversion

    • Frequency to Conversion

    • CTV Reporting

    • CTV App Incrementality

    • Cross-Screen Reporting (Digital & CTV)

    • Cross-Screen Plus Reporting (Digital, CTV, and TV)

    • Digital In-Segment Reach and Frequency

  • People-Based Reach and Conversions

    Understand how audiences and tactics overlap at a person level, including exposures across multiple digital environments, such as desktop, mobile, native, and audio.

  • Halo Effect on Search Reporting

    Quantify the impact of CTV and digital ad exposures on driving search clicks, search conversions, and ROAS at the household level across CTV app, search keyword, search engine, and custom audience and tactic levels.

  • Dynata Panel-Based Surveys

    Conduct control/exposed surveys to determine the effect of ad exposure on metrics such as awareness, familiarity, and intent.

  • Foot Traffic

    Understand incrementality driven by ad exposure and how media investment is causing change in purchase behavior and incremental visits with metrics such as incrementality effect, cost per incremental visit, and visit insights.

  • Transaction Insights

    Enrich your campaign strategy with deterministic credit and debit sales data through segment, competitive market, and shopper analyses.

  • Transaction Measurement

    Determine the influence of ad exposure on sales using robust, deterministic credit and debit sales data.

  • Experiment Designer (A/B Testing)

    Compare the behavior and sentiment of randomized, mutually exclusive sample groups with simple, clean A/B testing.

Finding the Perfect Measurement Fit: Solutions by Vertical

  • Any Vertical:

    • Experiment Designer (Placebo and A/B Testing)

    • People-Based Reach and Conversions

      Any organization looking to measure across multiple digital tactics; organizations looking to showcase the value of audio

    • Household-Based Reach, Frequency, and Conversion Measurement

      Any client looking to understand reach/incremental reach and cost-based efficiencies and/or conversion metrics across multiple digital tactics

    • Cross-Screen Reach, Frequency, and Conversion Measurement

      Any client looking to understand reach/incremental reach and cost-based efficiencies and/or conversion metrics across multiple digital tactics relative to linear TV investment

    • Dynata Panel-Based Surveys

      Any client looking to measure brand awareness and perception across multiple screens; best suited for niche audiences

  • QSR, Retail (Brick and Mortar):

    • Transaction Measurement

    • Foot Traffic Measurement

  • QSR, Retail, Travel:

    • Transaction Insights

      Any client looking to reach a particular type of shopper to drive in-store and online sales

More Information

For information about all advanced measurement solutions, outlining pricing information as well as available formats and regions for each solution, contact your Adobe Account Team. Solution-specific case studies are also available upon request.