About Account-Level and Advertiser-Level Blocked Sites Lists

You can edit the blocked sites list used for the entire DSP account and additional lists for individual advertisers in the account.

Blocked sites lists define sets of targets to exclude for your placements. Each list can consist of top-level website domains and any level of sub-domains (such as example.com, my.example.com, or my.new.example.com) and mobile app IDs or package names (such as com.example.app123).

Advertiser-level lists override account-level lists.

  • Account-level and advertiser-level blocked site lists are applied in addition to the DSP globally blocked site list, which include sites deemed unsafe for ads.
  • Users can also add targeted sites to any placement.
  • Blocked sites lists always override targeted sites lists. If a placement both excludes and includes the same target for an ad, then the target is excluded.