Advertising DSP Account Funding

DSP funds client accounts for the purchase of media and services in one of two ways:

  • Clients submit a pre-paid amount, from which funds are used for services and media until a zero balance is reached.
  • Adobe provides an assessed line of credit.

All clients are evaluated and assigned credit at contract execution by the Adobe Credit Team. DSP defaults to funding client accounts to the assigned credit level unless pre-payment has been delivered. Accounts are funded within 24 hours after account creation.

As clients spend against their credit or pre-payment, funds for media and services decrease in accordance with spend until a zero balance is reached. Credit is adjusted as invoices are paid. Any outstanding Adobe invoices can impact your DSP funding. You are responsible for timely payment of all Adobe invoices. If you need funding above your usable balance, work with your DSP Client Services team.

Funding for client accounts is updated in near real time in DSP. To view your usable balance, which is shown as “Usable Funds” in your account’s buying currency, go to Settings > Account. Only DSP users with the General and Admin user roles can see the Usable Funds.

Usable Funds for an account

Adobe reserves the right to block your account from spending on DSP for reasons that include violation of the DSP ad requirements policy or privacy terms. If Adobe blocks your account, then your account settings include a blocked notice. Work with your DSP Client Services representative to determine the reason for the block and how you can correct the error.