Duplicate Placements

Duplicate one or more placements to create placements with similar settings. You can:

  • Make multiple duplicates of placements
  • Duplicate placements within the original advertisers and campaigns or within different ones
  • (For duplicated placements within the original campaigns) Optionally duplicate the original ads
  • Modify the status and flight dates of the new placements

See “What’s Not Duplicated” for a list of placement settings that aren’t duplicated.

  1. In the main menu, click Campaigns.

  2. Click the name of the campaign.

  3. In the submenu, click Placements.

  4. Do either of the following:

    • To duplicate one placement, click > Duplicate next to the package name.

    • To duplicate multiple placements:

      1. Select the check box next to each placement to duplicate.

      2. In the bulk actions toolbar, click Duplicate.

  5. Specify the new placement settings:

    1. (Single placements) Enter the new placement name.

    2. In the Choose Package (Required) menu, select either the parent package or *No package.

    3. (Optional) Change the default settings.

    The settings apply to all selected placements.

    By default, the new placements are for the original ad type, are assigned to the original advertisers and campaigns, have flight schedules that begin on the current day, are paused, and don’t include the original ads.

    When you create multiple placements, the new placement names are appended with a number, in sequence, using the convention <original_placement_name #N>, such as “My Placement #2.”

  6. Click Submit.

What’s Not Duplicated placement-not-duplicated

All settings from the original placements are duplicated except:

  • Experiment settings

  • (If you change the flight dates) Custom ad scheduling

  • (If you don’t attach ads) Custom ad weighting and scheduling

  • Default placements for programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals and placements for Simple Ad Serving deals

  • (If you copy placements to a different campaign):

    • Geo targets
    • Event pixels
    • Ads
    • Placement-level DoubleVerify Authentic Brand Safety segments (which override the advertiser-level segments)