Create and Implement a CCPA Opt-out-of-Sale Segment

You can create a segment to track users IDs from consumer opt-out-of-sale requests on your website, per the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Users remain in CCPA opt-out-of-sale segments indefinitely.

Once the segment pixel tag is implemented, Adobe Advertising begins to collect a pool of IDs on the advertiser’s behalf.

  1. Create the segment:

    1. In the main menu, click Audiences > Segments.

    2. Above the data table, click Create.

    3. Enter a unique Segment Name.

      Recommended segment name: “<Your Advertiser Name> – CCPA Opt Out of Sale” (such as “Acme - CCPA Opt Out of Sale”)

    4. For the Segment Type, select CCPA Opt-out of sale.

    5. Click Save.

  2. Copy and implement a pixel tag to track the segment:

    1. Return to Audiences > Segments.

    2. In the segment row, hold the cursor over the new segment and click Get pixel.

    3. Copy the image pixel (beginning with <img src="") to collect user IDs of desktop and mobile visitors to a webpage.

    4. Provide the tag to the advertiser or website contact for deployment using the mechanism that the company uses to track CCPA opt-out-of-sale requests (such as using a Consent Management Platform).

      The advertiser’s IT department or other group may need to schedule, or be informed about, the tag deployment.

      Once the pixel is implemented, Adobe Advertising begins to collect a pool of IDs on the advertiser’s behalf.

      Although implementation choice and logic is up to the advertiser, here’s an example of how an advertiser could fire the pixel:

      1. A consumer lands on the advertiser’s homepage.

      2. The consumer finds and clicks on the advertiser’s “CCPA opt out of sale” button.

      3. The consumer is presented with a list of service providers with which the advertiser works.

      4. The consumer checks the box to opt out of selling data to Adobe Advertising.

        This action triggers the pixel to fire and to collect the consumer’s cookie ID within the specified “CCPA Opt-out of sale” segment.