How to use elements

Learn how to add visual design elements to your projects to make them more attractive and engaging. There are four types of elements: design assets, backgrounds, shapes, and icons. Each element type has hundreds of different components to choose from. Each element is professionally designed and ready to be added to projects.

Design elements in Adobe Express are visual components that you can add to your projects to make them more attractive and engaging.
You can access the elements on the left hand side, and we have four different types of elements which we can use. We have design assets, backgrounds, shapes and icons, and there are hundreds of different components within each of these types of assets similar to templates. All of these elements are professionally made and designed. Ready for a quick add into our projects. We have certain levels of customization options within some of these elements too, so we can tweak them to make them just right for our project.
So let’s spice up my social media post by using some of these design assets. So in design assets, I’m going to scroll down into frames and under frames. We have many, many more options.
I’m going to click on Food and just have a quick scroll down until I find something that I like. I quite like this one, and it’s the same as adding any media from that panel on the left hand side. We can drag it in to replace media or we can just drag it into that gray space and then justice with the drag handles, we have options for frames, illustrations, even overlays, which I’m going to use next. So under overlays, I’m just going to jump into confetti and add a bit of sparkle to my image.
With these elements, I can adjust the exposure or add some detail or add some blur as well. So all of them are customizable to a certain degree and that can really help you tweak it to really fit into your scene and add life to your project.
So I’m finished with design assets. I’m now going to move on to backgrounds. Again, we’re guided because these are filters based on themes or styles such as seasons, abstract backgrounds.
And again, I can just drag and drop into place.
We have different types of speech bubbles, geometric shapes, lines and arrows, as I’m going to use here. And with these ones we can change the border color, the border thickness again, using my swatches and also the line styles. So dotted, dashed.
And lastly, we’re going to round up with icons. So just showing the search functionality, you can just type it into the box drag and drop into place, change the fill this time I’m going to just flip it horizontally so it views a number of different elements in our creative project, and I think we can all agree that they’ve added a real bit of playfulness and saved us a lot of time and adding certain elements to our project.

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