Introduction to templates

Explore thousands of professionally designed templates for all your social media and marketing needs. Templates provide a quick way to create customized content by remixing with your own words and photos.

Adobe Express offers thousands of professionally designed and unique templates for all your social media and marketing needs. You can explore templates to create and personalize beautiful social posts, videos, carousels, fliers, presentations and more. For this example, under templates, I’m going to search for bake sale and I met with many, many excellent and beautiful results that will give me inspiration for my post.
On the left hand side, we can filter based on the mood, the style or the type of content, whether it’s animated, whether it’s video or it features multiple pages. I’m going to choose this one to remix.
Now the template is set up for me, so it has the title in the right place. It features the date and the address and I can just jump in and change any of these details that I want. Don’t worry, you’ll get more training in this in the next module.
In the next example, I’ve been tasked with creating a newsletter, so I’m just going to jump to popular templates filter by newsletters, and I can choose from any of the examples given to me to remix with my own content.
I quite like the look of this one. The benefits to use in templates is that the composition, the text boxes, the shapes are already done for us, so it just takes a quick bit of remixing with our own words and photos to turn a template into something bespoke and suitable for your specific needs.
We’ll look at adding our own text and our own images in the next section. I just wanted to use this example to show how useful templates can be in accelerating your speed in creating content.

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