Introduction to Quick actions

Quick actions save time and provide basic editing tools for daily creative work. Examples of quick actions include merging and trimming videos, removing backgrounds, resizing images and videos, converting videos to gifs, and editing PDFs.

Quick actions in Adobe Express are a set of tools that allow you to perform fast and free editing for images, videos and documents.
You can access the quick actions on the home page.
I’m going to talk you through all of the quick actions that are available in Adobe Express and show you some very quick examples of quick actions in action.
Like many things in Adobe Express, they are split according to the type of media that we are going to produce. So under the social media tab, we have the ability to merge videos or trim videos, remove backgrounds, resize videos and images, and also convert videos to GIFs. I’m going to show you how you can use a quick action to remove a background.
Just drag your image into the dropbox and Adobe Express will do the rest for you. So this is just a nice example of how quick these actions can be and can save you a lot of time in your daily creative work.
In the video tab we have options to merge videos, crop videos, convert to GIFs as well as convert to MP4s caption videos and even animate from an audio file. I’m going to show you how to trim a video using a quick action. So again, just drag your file into the dropbox and just drag the handles at the end and out point to trim the length of your video.
We can change the aspect ratio, so make it square and we can also ask Express to scale our video. So that it fills the screen.
In the photo tab, we can do some more conversions, so converting a file to a JPEG, to a PNG or to a vector file which is converting to an SVG. Again, we can remove the background as I’ve shown earlier. Resize the image or crop the image. So some very basic photo editing tools available to you here.
In the documents tab, we have some amazing quick actions for editing PDFs, combining multiple PDFs into a single file and organizing the pages within a PDF document. So rearranging the order in which those pages appear. Look out for some specific training on editing PDFs in Adobe Express within later modules. Under the marketing tab. We have some reappearing quick actions, but one I’m going to show you and is particularly useful is generating a QR code with a quick action.
All you have to do is paste a link and then I can go ahead and change the style of the QR code itself. So change it from more squares to circles, change the color. And I can also choose the file format. And lastly, we have some quick actions for our generative AI capabilities in Express so our text image and our text effects.

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