Create webinar posters with Firefly

Learn how to use Text to Image, powered by Adobe Firefly, in Adobe Express to create a webinar poster for a virtual reality event. This tutorial uses the new Adobe Express.

Learn how you can use Adobe Express and the power of Adobe Firefly Gen AI to create rich, creative content. In this example, you’ll see how to quickly create a social banner for an upcoming virtual experience event. Adobe Express offers a variety of pre-created sizes for different platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. For this example, we are creating a custom size. I’m starting with a blank canvas because I want to show just how easy it is to bring your imagination to reality. Our virtual event is a virtual experience for VR and augmented reality, so we want it to be very color rich. When you go to My Media, notice that there is a Text Image button. This allows you to use to generate images. You can specify the image size, so don’t worry too much as you can crop it later. To get started, you can input a prompt. I want something that is colorful and multicolored, so let’s enter that right here. Notice we have a lot of striking examples. Next, I want to add a few people wearing VR headsets. So let’s go ahead and use Text to Image again to add a man wearing a headset. I’ll add a detailed prompt with this information. Because this is centered around a business customer, I want to have someone in a business suit and we want to also have the similar color and lighting to the multicolor. This looks great, but I want to remove the background. Fortunately, that is just one click. Now let’s go ahead and add one more person. I’ll be very specific in the prompt and look for a woman wearing a VR headset looking to the right. Once I have my image, again I’m going to remove the background. And you can also layer using drag and drop. Let’s go ahead and wrap up this design with some text and graphics. Adobe Express integrates with Adobe Fonts, allowing you to use thousands of fonts to create great design and matching your branding. You can also apply effects on your text as well. Now I also need to add our logo. Fortunately, Adobe Express allows us to access all of our brand assets in one place, so anyone can make sure their content is on-brand. Brand information can have logos, colors, fonts, and graphics to help you make your content on-brand easily. And then finally, I want to add a call to action button for people to sign up. Adobe Express has a whole library of elements, shapes, design assets, and backgrounds. This is all looking good now and I’m ready to publish it, which you can do directly in Adobe Express using the Scheduler. The Scheduler allows you to publish your content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with just a few short clicks. Then, once you’re ready, you can enter your message and then select Schedule to post. You can also publish to multiple channels at the same time. Along with creating static content, you can also spice up your graphics with video animations. When you select an item, you can click Animations. Animations provide you the ability to set in animators, looping, animations, in animations, and out animations. These different animations are very graphic rich. You can also customize your animation. I can add an animation to our second person here. Once you’ve set it all up, you can then play back the animation. Adobe Express allows you to rapidly create rich on-brand content. Using the power of Adobe Firefly, you can take your imagination and turn it into images and even manipulate them to your needs. That’s the power of Adobe Express.