Expiring serial numbers? Why it’s time for Named User Licensing

In today’s climate, IT management has had to quickly pivot to an all-digital experience. As teams learn how to work productively from home, there is an increased need for tools to help business continuity. These challenges have an impact on any large-scale IT deployment, especially when it comes to managing users in a virtual work environment.

Licensing Adobe products through Named User Licensing (NUL) allows IT admins to easily deploy and manage Adobe tools using the Admin Console and gives end users access to world-class creative and productivity apps and Adobe Cloud services, even if the entire workforce is remote.

If your organization is not on NUL and still using Serialized deployment for Adobe products, your serial numbers may be expiring soon. To avoid disruption of service, it’s important to plan your migration to NUL before your serial numbers expire.

About Named User Licensing

Named User Licensing is a software licensing model that allows software to be assigned to an individual instead of a serial number or device. NUL gives IT admins enterprise-level security with advanced user identity management and allows for easy deployment and management of applications using the Adobe Admin Console.

Benefits of Named User Licensing:

  • IT management made easy with Admin Console.

    Admin Console is a centralized, web-based console, hosted by Adobe, that allows IT administrators to establish and manage users and grant access to both Creative Cloud and Document Cloud applications and services. Managing your users from Admin Console makes onboarding and offboarding easy and gives IT administrators the tools they need.

  • Take advantage of Expert Services.

    Your Enterprise Term License Agreement with Adobe offers unlimited 30-minute sessions via phone or web conference with an Adobe Expert to help with any issues. To book a session, go to the Support tab in Admin Console and click Request Expert Session.

  • Large number of users? No problem.

    If you have a large number of users, consider utilizing another perk of Admin Console. The User Sync Tool allows you to automate the process of creating users and product assignments and keeps them up to date in the Admin Console by syncing with information from your organization’s Active Directory.

  • Experience faster processes — even remotely.

    Not only are we being challenged to work more quickly and efficiently — we’re being asked to do this work remotely. Undergoing a digital transformation doesn’t need to be difficult, and NUL capabilities and integrations with Adobe PDF services allow businesses to move paper-based processes into comprehensive digital capabilities. This also means employees can easily maintain business continuity from anywhere, even if they are working from home.

  • The best tools for productivity and collaboration.

    By taking advantage of NUL, your users will have access to the productivity powerhouses that are Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. There’s so much you can do: create and sign documents securely; create custom PDFs quickly; start a creative project on a tablet before taking it to a desktop; share documents with a team through Document Cloud; and work on new team projects in Adobe XD. Our cloud-based services make sharing assets and collaborating as a remote team easy.

Modern workflow challenges require modern solutions. Let us help you make the transition to Named User Licensing. Check out the Named User Licensing Migration Guide to get started on your transition.