What are the new Gen AI features in Adobe Express?

Learn about the new Gen AI features in Adobe Express. Using a text prompt, you can easily create designs and templates, add elements to images, and apply special effects to text.

With your license of Adobe Express, you get access to exciting, generative AI features To access these features, you have to go under the Jenn-air tab. There you will find all the features available in Adobe Express. As expected, you will have the popular text to Image, which we cover in Section two in more detail. Next you have generative fill. Gen fill empowers you to tweak and change different parts of an image. Add elements such as this bow on this cat or clean up parts of an image will also have text a template. This is great for quickly building a design from scratch such as a flier for a bake sale. You just use a prompt to create that flier and the I will take care of the design and the copy too. And finally, we’ve got text effects where you can create special effects on text based on photographic elements.
We will be covering all of these sections in greater detail in separate videos.

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