How to use the scheduler for posting

Schedule social posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can choose specific properties for each platform. For example, on Instagram you can choose whether your content is going to be a post, a story, or reel.

Now that we’ve completed our animated post, the last thing for us to do is to share it on social media. I could download this onto my machine and do it manually through the different social media platforms. However, we can do this directly through Adobe Express. If we go over to the project overview section, we can see both of our designs ready for me to be shared. I can also choose to share just one to post these assets we go to share followed by schedule post. A pop up will appear where we can start tweaking some settings. In the meantime, Express is converting these assets to video files since they are animated. From here I can choose the platforms. This content will be pushed through before you can do this. Make sure you are connected to the platforms. Once you make your selections, you can then choose the specific properties for each platform. For Instagram, you can choose whether your content is going to be a post, a story, or real. You can also write captions with the appropriate hashtags as well as what the first comment on that post could be. As a follow up.
Once you’re happy with all your settings, you can choose to preview your posts before publishing them.
In the case of reels, you can also change the cover by pressing this button. You can also choose to introduce other posts from other project files, which I won’t be doing in this case. Everything is looking great, so let’s publish the content. Either do it and I will specifically schedule this to be published at a later date.

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