How to edit a PDF

Learn how to give your static, outdated PDFs a makeover by adding eye-catching text, images, brands, colors, animations, and more. Once the editing is complete, you can downloaded the PDF, share, or convert the PDF to other file formats like JPEG.

A great use case for Adobe Express is editing PDFs. As you can see here, we’ve got a two page PDF document open in Adobe Acrobat. However, if you’d like to make changes quickly, upload this to Adobe Express from the homepage by clicking the start from your own content button. Adobe Express will convert this PDF into an editable Express project file. Once it’s done, you can open the file to start editing every single element of the page. For example, you can edit the text and change the typeface and color. You can also change pictures, headlines, graphics, basically everything. So for example, if I wanted to change the image, I just click replace. I can also group certain elements and change those images as well as change color of fonts and graphics. In short, just transform the PDF quickly using Adobe Express. Once I’m happy with my PDF, I can download it again as a combined PDF or even into other formats such as JPGs. If you go to the project overview, you’ll also be able to see the other pages and you can do the same thing over there.
I encourage you to check the document tab on the home page for other quick actions and ideas you can do with PDFs.

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