How to use Text-to-template Gen AI

Learn how to generate editable templates for social posts, posters, flyers, and cards from a text description within seconds. You can edit the design, change fonts, and brand the project further before downloading or sharing.

An exciting Gen AI feature that you can use in Adobe Express. Is text a template Starting at the home page. Go to the Gen AI tab and scroll down to find text to template. Use the textbox and type in a prompt, for example. Create a flier for a bake sale happening on the 26th of June between 10 a.m - 2pm Once done, Click Generate Express will now take that prompt and generate a flier for you. One that you’ll be able to edit further within Express.
As you can see, we have got some great results. Designed with cool typefaces, graphics and pictures. Even the headlines have been copy written for us, which makes it even easier for us to take these designs forward. If I like a particular design, I can ask express to generate variations. If I’m not happy at all, I can also regenerate other design concepts. Once I’m happy with this. Open up the project file to further edit this design.
Now that the project is loaded up, I can make all the changes I want. For example, I can click on the headline and change it to a specific font I have stored in my brand kit. This will allow me to stick to my brand guidelines. So using Gen AI, I quickly put together a fly design. Plus, it also wrote some amazing copy for me. Once I’m ready with this, I can download or share it with my colleagues.

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