How to bulk translate your content

Learn how to create language variations of your projects by automatically translating the content in 46 different languages. You can select the desired language, duplicate and translate the content, and retain all animations.

It is important to review the translations for accuracy before sharing or downloading.
So I’m in my express project and I want to create different language variations of this social media post by going into the project overview. I can see I’ve got a square Instagram post and a vertical post.
Rather than manually having to translate this. I can let Adobe Express facilitate this process. To do this, I go to translate and then choose the languages needed.
Express has automatically detected that the language I’m using is English lets to some languages such as Chinese, Catalan or any of the other languages that we are providing here. Once you select the languages, then press, duplicate and translate and let Adobe Express do the rest.
Because this was an animation, it retains all of the animations of the original English. So if I go to the Chinese version and press play, you’ll see that it’s translated the copy for me.
Let’s find another example. French You should note that Adobe Express doesn’t transcribed your copy, so you should always check if what was translated makes sense. Once you’re ready with these translations, either share them with your colleagues or download them.

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