How to use the object eraser tool

Learn how to erase specific areas of your images. Alternatively, you can use the restore tool to bring back parts of your image.

What happens if you want to choose different parts of the image and remove other sections? To do that, select the image you want to edit. You can choose to use the key to remove the background. However, you will notice that it’s also left in other parts of the image. So in this instance, if you want only the ice cream on the top, another useful tool is the erase tool, which will allow you to erase specific areas. For example, you can choose to restore by painting in different sections. Alternatively, you can choose to erase parts of the image.
The eraser will pick up different sections of the page. However, in this instance, it has also removed the ice cream.
Just use the restore brush to bring it back.
The higher the quality of the image, the better the results will be.

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