Improving your text design with Gen AI

Learn how to create impactful designs using text effects powered by Adobe Firefly. Using a text prompt, you can generate extraordinary text effects that you can refine and embellish.

In this section, we’re going to look at how we can use AI. to generate exciting text effects. We can go under the Gen AI tab and use text effects there by typing a prompt to generate a result. Alternatively, you can do this from within a project file. So for example, let us find a presentation type in the word floral and choose an exciting font to go with it.
Bold typefaces work best because they give you more area to play it with. Select the element and find the tab called text effect. Click on it and then type in a prompt. For example, colorful dried flowers and berries and press generate. You can see how it’s generated a text effect based on a floral prompt.
You can also change the way that it’s designed. For example, you can choose to make it more embellished and realistic. You can also choose the way the elements sit within the boundaries of the font style. Choosing loose will open it up a little bit. In short, have a little bit of fun with the effects that you are generating and see the different results. As you can see, the results are lovely. Let’s copy that and create another version. Say the word mint.
Let’s change the typeface to something a little bit different, maybe something like that, and change the text effect to the prompt. Mint leaves.
Once you are happy with these, we can download them as a transparent PNG. Because there is no background. Look at the layers on the right hand side to check this.

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