How to use Generative Fill

Learn how to use Generative Fill, powered by Adobe Firefly, to add and remove elements from an image.

In this section, we will cover how we can use Adobe Firefly and Gen Fill to add and remove elements to our image. So we start this by selecting the image and using generative fill from the left tab. For example, say I wanted to add a strawberry over here. I can select this section with the brush and just type in strawberry and let’s see what the I will generate. As you can see, Firefly has generated several options for us. I quite like the first one. Once I’m happy with that press done. Notice it also generates the reflection on the base here. If I wanted to add another element, use the brush again on a section and type the plant in the prompt box.
As you can see, it picks up even on the blur, which blends in the plant pot with the rest of the image, including the shadows.
Again, I’ve got options to choose from, but I prefer the first one.
Lastly, to remove objects from the image can select that section and just press generate with no prompt to completely remove it and generate the background behind it.

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