How to remove background from any image

Learn how to remove the background from your images in one click with a Quick action. After removing the background your image can be downloaded and used for multiple purposes.

There are several ways that you can remove the background of an image. One way is to start on the Adobe Express homepage and use quick actions to access that. Go to the photo tab and you’ll see the quick action. Remove background. Clicking it will launch a pop up where you can then drag and drop an image and the AI will remove the background. You can then download that image as a PNG, which means it will have a transparent background. By the way, that checkered design means the background is transparent. You can also choose to open that image in the editor in case you want to use it in a project. Let’s use another example from within the project file. So imagine you are in a project file and alternatively you can just load up an image and say from your brand. For example, this ice cream one and again, click remove background.
If you only want that ice cream to be selected, you can choose to crop that section.

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