How to resize your animations

Learn how to optimize the size of your animation using built-in presets for social media posts like Instagram. Regardless of how you resize your animations, the settings are retained so you don’t need to rebuild them.

Now that I have finished my animation, I might want to take this into several different formats. For example, I might want to use this as a vertical video. To do that, I’m going to go to resize my artboard and choose from one of the presets provided or input my own custom size. The unit in this instance is pixels because it’s an animated video to carry on. Let us choose one of the presets such as an Instagram story and I can resize this existing post or duplicate it, which is what I’m choosing. Once that’s done, Express will create another artboard, as you can see here. The original version is here on the left and the new vertical format is here. I’ll double click on that to make some changes. All I need to do is tweak the elements on the page by resizing them to fill out the entire space. As you can see, those elements are a little bit too small, so I’m just going to size them up to fit my new design a bit better.
The great thing is that the animation settings have been retained across the artboard, so all do not need to rebuild them again.

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