Different types of animations

Learn about the three different types of animations (intro, looping, and outro) you can add to your projects to make them more engaging. Each animation has a different style that you can preview and select.

With our post created, we can now apply some animation to make it more engaging. Select the element in question and then click animations from the left hand side panel. There are three types of animations an intro which introduces the element into the scene a looping animation which determines the type of animation you get throughout your post, and then an outro which dictates how the element exists at the end. Each section has its own unique styles. Let’s add some animation. Select the in section and then you’ll see several different styles. To preview the style, simply hover your cursor over it to apply the animation. Simply click on the desired style and you’ll see the affecting result. Once you do that, you will be able to tweak the settings of that specific animation. But we will cover this in a later video. Again to apply animation, for example, looping, click looping, and then choose your desired animation style. We shall review how you can tweak the specific animations in the next video.

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