Adding sections to your animation

Level up your animation by adding elements such as images and headlines to an animation. Learn how to add, duplicate, rearrange, or replace elements in a scene while keeping the animations intact.

So we have got our animation here for 4 seconds long working well. However, if I wanted to introduce more elements such as images, headlines and so forth, there are several ways you could approach it. You can work on the same artboard and introduce elements. There, or you can add a new scene. To do that, we go to edit timeline and you can press the button Add scene that introduced an entire new section to my storyboard. And in fact, you can see that has added 5 seconds to the overall timeline by default.
Another way I can do this is by going through this original section, clicking the three dots and choosing duplicate scene. Express has now copied that exact scene and all the elements associated with it. This means we can, for example, replace the image over there.
So if I go to my stuff and grab another ice cream shot of the chocolate, I can replace it by dropping it over the original image. The great thing is that the animation that you attached to the previous image is retained.
I can also do the same with that logo to swap out another design. Let’s pick up this circular one over here and again, the animation of that logo is retained. Now I’ve got a bit more of a varied design overall.
If I play the entire animation again from the beginning, it will run through the entire sequence.
If I want to delete an entire section, I can click those three dots and delete this scene or press delete on your keyboard. Alternatively, if I prefer this section to be first, I can shuffle everything across by grabbing it and moving it to the front. So now my animation starts with this first scene and then moves on to my original design.

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