What is the animation timeline?

Learn how to navigate and adjust the animation timeline. The timeline is an overall view of the entire animation, where you can preview and reduce/extend the animation length.

So now that we have completed all of our animations, it’s time to review the timeline. As you can see, all of the animations happen at the same time and we will need to stagger them eventually. But we will look at this in a subsequent video. First off, let’s look at the timeline by pressing the edit timeline button on the bottom right corner. What the timeline is is an overall overview of the entire animation. As you can see, it is 5 seconds long. I can grab the indicator and scrub across the entire timeline to rewind and go forward and across the entire animation. This is a really quick way for me to understand what’s happening at every frame. This is the base timeline of the overall animation. If I wanted to see where all the other elements sit, I can click show layered timeline at the bottom left corner.
If I wanted to extend the length of the overall animation, I just grabbed the right handle and drag it to the right. As you can see now, I’ve made the animation 8 seconds long drag in the opposite direction to shorten it. In the next video we will cover animation staggering.

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