Tweaking the settings of your animations

Learn how to adjust the settings of your animations to improve the effectiveness. You can edit the duration, personality, speed, and intensity of the animation to create a specific effect.

So let us now delve further into tweaking the animations that we have selected for our element. First off, access the animation panel by selecting the element in question and under the animation tab will find all of the three options we covered in the previous video. Choose the TAB animation to access all the styles. Select and apply one of these styles and you’ll gain access to the settings which I can tweak. For example, I can edit the duration, which slows down the shrinking effect. I can also affect the personality, making it, for example, strong, forcing the animation to become faster, making it shorter and punchier. Next, let’s look at some of the looping animations. Again, I can tweak things like speed and intensity, for example, how big this element will grow. All of these animation styles can be tweaked in some shape or form. If I don’t like puffs or I don’t like shrink out, I can delete it and choose another animation. For example, let us choose wiggle. I can increase the duration of the wiggle in the intensity.
Let’s have a look at spinning. In this instance, can choose the direction of the spinning. Again, the intensity determines the speed and the personality. Think about this. The overall vibe that you get from the animation. So that is how you choose different animations, delete new ones, and also change those settings to tailor them to your desired outputs.

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