How to share & download

Learn the options to download and share projects in different file formats like PNG, JPEG, or PDF. Publish projects to the web and generate a link for easy access, or schedule and share media directly to social media platforms with options to customize posts for each platform.

So you’ve just finished your project and you want to share this with a colleague or with a client and you’re wondering what’s the best way to do it? So I’ve been working on this presentation and now I want to download a copy for myself and then share as a presentation too I can select and download any page or any number of pages, or I can select all and just download them all.
I can also choose the file formats of PNG, JPEG or PDF.
Now I want to share the project and I’ll do this by publishing it to the web so I can get a link for it. I can change the title and then generate the link. Now when I paste that link into something like Google, I get a nice presentation view of all of my pages In Express We can also share media directly to social media and we have a dedicated scheduler to help you do this.
Click share, then click schedule post and we can select any channel to upload our media to. With Instagram, we can select if it’s a post, a real or a story. We can also add a caption.
We can also add the first comment to improve engagement on the post.
We can also schedule an exact date and time for the post to be uploaded, or we can just publish it now. And we can also get a nice preview. If your accounts are linked, you’ll see our profile image, your handle as well. So you get a really accurate preview of what the post will look like on the timeline. When I select multiple channels, I get different options for each social media platform. So for TikTok, I can choose to disable comments, disabled duet, etc…

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