How to use version history

Learn how to access version history and view and copy previous versions of your projects. Mark pivotal points in development to easily jump back to specific times in your project’s progress.

Having a log of your recent versions of your project can be really, really useful when you’re constantly iterating your project and collaborating with others. Express enables this functionality with something called version history. We can access the version history by clicking this button on the top banner, and we’re met with many versions of her project that have been autosave saved by Express over the last couple of days. We see versions of the project from last week and also versions of the project today.
I can click through the different versions and see a preview of that version above it.
We also notice that some of the versions are marked, so that means that these marked versions are filtered into a separate folder.
We can click on any of the versions and copy it into a new project to pick it up where we left it.
I can mark any version by clicking the flag on the right hand side beside the timestamp. It’s useful to mark versions of your project at pivotal points in its development so that you can jump back to a specific time and pick up your project from the mark.

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